What We Do

The Seattle Coin Shop is a full service coin and bullion dealer. We trade in a wide range of U.S. and foreign coins with an emphasis on gold and silver. This includes modern gold bullion coins such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrands. We also buy and sell gold bars in a variety of sizes. These products are the best way to buy physical precious metals because of their high liquidity and low premiums.

We also stock an extensive inventory of older American and foreign gold coins, i.e. pre-1933 U.S. gold coins in denominations from $1 to $20, both PCGS and NGC certified coins, as well as uncertified or “raw” coins. European gold coins such as Swiss and French 20 Francs and British Sovereigns are available as well.

American silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, silver rounds and bars are popular ways to buy and hold silver. Bags of 1964 and older U.S. 90% silver coins (so-called “junk silver”) are another way to take a position in silver.

In addition to bullion and the semi-numismatic coins described above we also carry a diverse inventory of collector coins, from silver dollars to Buffalo nickels. Many of our collector coins are certified by PCGS or NGC and come in sealed, tamper resistant holders.

We are also a competitive buyer of old gold jewelry and sterling silver flatware and hollowware.